Hypnosis Dallas Texas:
Do You Know the Facts?
Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, Sleep, Stress and More

Hypnosis is being successfully used in Dallas, TX to help people stop smoking, lose weight, sleep better and control their stress and anxiety.

However, people who use hypnosis in Dallas without first finding out the facts are taking a risk with their time and money. A little time spent finding out how to choose the best hypnotist in Dallas to work with can make all the difference between success and failure to achieve your goal.

So what is it you need to know about choosing a hypnotist in Dallas or anywhere else for that matter?

Well, one thing that surprises many potential hypnosis clients is that there are no standards for training in N. America that allows someone to call them selves a “Certified Hypnotist.”


hypnosis Dallas Texas weight loss stop smoking sleep stress

That means two hypnotists may both advertise themselves as “Certified” Hypnotists but that does not mean that you are dealing with two equally qualified professionals to help you achieve your goal.

For example, you might in one case being talking to someone who has taken extensive and good quality hypnosis training. On the other hand they may have only taken a one weekend workshop on “how to hypnotize someone.” Both are calling themselves “Certified.”

Clearly it is important to find out what lies behind the claim that they are “Certified.” Who certified them and what credibility that certifying organization holds is important information to find out before you choose a professional to work with.

Is Hypnosis Guaranteed in Dallas?

Another issue that can arise is when one hypnotist advertises that they offer a “guarantee” with their work. You should immediately have your consumer antennae up when you see such claims.

Remember that other well trained professionals whose services you use such as a doctor or psychologist do NOT offer guarantees when it comes to the results you will experience.

There is good reason for this. Whether or not you achieve success or not working with a professional hypnotist or not depends as much on you as it does the hypnotist. The hypnotist (like the doctor or psychologist) has no control over whether or not you will follow their instructions. So how on earth can they guarantee the results?

The key here is to know the questions to ask about what the guarantee really means. It invariably turns out not to mean from what you have assumed from just reading the advertisement. And what you usually find out is not pleasing to the consumer!

choosing a hypnotist in dallas

It is the need for everyone to inform themselves before investing in sessions with a professional hypnotist that prompted me to write the Consumer Guide to Choosing a Hypnotist. The guide contains essential information that anyone needs to know do that their choice of hypnotist can be an informed one.

Based on my years of experience as the Consulting Hypnotist at the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex in Montreal I have identified more than 12 important questions you will want to ask any one you are considering working with. At a minimum it can offer you reassurance in your choice. For others this information will protect them from wasting their time and hard earned money on a poor choice.

The guide is available free of charge and can be read instantly. Go check it out here now because it will help you be successful and make the changes that you want.

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