Find Out If
Your Subconscious Mind
Will Accept and Act On
Your Hypnosis Suggestions.

Save Your Time and Achieve Success Sooner

A question I often understandably get asked when I teach self hypnosis is "How do I know that my subconscious mind will accept and act on my suggestion(s)?" This question is asked by both beginners and more experienced learners alike.

The short answer is that there is a fool proof but little known way that is open to anyone to get the answer to these key questions.

I highly recommend that everyone, whatever their self hypnosis goal, use this procedure every time they start a self hypnosis project. It can you save a lot of time and often makes all the difference between success and failure for you.

To take you through the process I have prepared both a simple, short but complete instructional video and downloadable worksheet (no need to take notes from the video :-)). The video explains every thing you need to know to get these key questions answered.

The investment you make for this unique and necessary learning tool is only $11.97 this week. For this one-time investment you may view the video as many times as you wish and download the worksheets to save to your computer and print out if you desire.

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