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Is all the news about Swine Flu stressing you? If it is the stress itself may be weakening your Immune System, and that's not immune system

Your immune system is your own body's natural defence system against flu and other diseases that we may come into contact with. However, all the negative and sometimes scare-mongering news about Swine Flu these days may be weakening your system just at the time you need it to be at its strongest.

Mind Protection

What is largely overlooked in the endless torrent of words being written or spoken about Swine Flu is the role our minds have in influencing the condition of our Immune System.

It is well established by research that stress weakens our bodily defences. What is often forgotten is that we can easily use our minds to strengthen those very same natural defence systems.

Hypnosis Most Effective

Hypnosis has been shown to be a very effective way of doing just that. Clinical studies have now shown what what many have known intuitively; that the regular practice of self hypnosis has a positive effect on strengthening our Immunne System.

Strengthening your Immune System is much more than just allowing yourself to relax (although that of course is a healthy thing to do).

Researchers have demonstrated that Hypnosis outperforms plain relaxation exercises and other psychological interventions. This is because its use resulted in measurable positive improvements in subjects' Immune System.

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Hypnosis is an easy, effective and pleasant way of building up your Immune System. It also has the important benefit of being safe because there are no negative side effects to worry about.

As a contribution to helping people prepare themselves to remain relaxed and healthy in this stressful time I have prepared a FREE Hypnosis For Strengthening Your Immune System Mp3 recording for you.

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The recording is of course complimentary to any medical intervention from a licensed medical health provider and is NOT a substitute for you consulting such a provider for any medical concern you may have.