Daryl Wilkinson:
Stress Free Consultancy

652 Drummond St
Carlton North, Melbourne
Victoria, 3054

Daryl holds memberships in the Australian Clinical Hypnotherapists Association, the Council of Clinical Hypnotherapists Australia and the National Guild of Hypnotists (USA).

At his Stress Free Consultancy, Daryl's work with clients includes the following issues:• Stress Management• Performance Enhancement• Self Confidence and Motivation• Quit Smoking and other habits• Childbirth Hypnosis (HypnoBirthing®)• Fear of Public Speaking • Phobias and Anxiety• Exam and Performance Anxiety• Most anxiety induced conditions

His special professional interests include: Creativity, performance, creative blocks, and stage fright.

You may learn more from his web site at: www.stressfree.com.au

Telephone: 03 93493279

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