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Discover what you need to know about Hypnosis in this easy reading yet informative eBook by Consulting Hypnotist Stephen Gruber.

This book is for those who want to understand more about how it is that hypnosis can help them. If you want to experience and learn how to do self hypnosis you need to join the free 4 Step Self Hypnosis Challenge here.

In the Hypnosis eBook you will:

  • Learn exactly what hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is,
  • Get a straight forward understanding of how Hypnosis works,
  • Discover how hypnosis helps you make the changes you want.

The eBook:

  • Contains demo exercises that show you the power of suggestion and imagination,
  • Reveals the one and only reason that stops people from entering into hypnosis & what to do about it,
  • Explains how you enter into hypnosis naturally everyday without even knowing it.

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