Hypnosis Philadelphia;
But Will It Work For You?
Weight Loss, Sleep, Stop Smoking, Anxiety

The question on the mind of many people looking for a hypnotist or hypnotherapy in Philadelphia is, “Can hypnosis work for me?” Well the honest answer is, "may be!"

I speak from years of experience as the Consulting Hypnotist at the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex in Montreal. It's important for you know to know why it's a “may be” before you spend any money on hypnosis sessions in Philadelphia.


hypnosis Philadelphia; weight loss, stop smoking, sleep, anxiety

First it depends on what you are really asking. If you are wondering, “Will I be able to go into hypnosis?” then the answer is just about 99.9% sure to be yes. We all go into hypnosis naturally several times each day. We only refer to it as hypnosis when a hypnotist guides you into hypnosis or you learn to do it for yourself.

How do you enter hypnosis each day? Well, first know that all hypnosis is is the suspension of disbelieve which makes your mind more open to receiving and acting upon suggestions. And you are very skilled at suspending your disbelieve.

Watching a Movie

Take for example when you are watching a movie.

You know full well that it is only actors, not real people, you see on the screen. You also know that they are surrounded by camera men, sound and light people and are being guided by a director.

Despite this obvious knowledge, you choose to suspend your disbelieve and believe that these are real people experiencing real life. Even though a part of you still knows this is not true.

If it is a well made and acted movie you so “get into it” that when the director and actors want you to “jump” you jump, or feel sad, angry or happy then you actually feel that way. I am sure you have experienced this? If you have then you will have no trouble entering into hypnosis if you want to.

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What Do You Want

The next question to ask yourself is, “What is it I want to achieve with hypnosis?

If you want to change something about yourself, a habit or how you feel or react, then hypnosis has proved very powerful as a tool to help you make the change. That is why people can loose weight, stop smoking or let go of a fear among many other things when working with a competent hypnotist.

And that brings us to last big part of the “may be” answer to the, "Will it work for me?" question we started with. You must work with a well trained skilled hypnotist to get results. The question is, “How will you know how to choose that hypnotist?”

Choosing a Hypnotist in Philadelphia

The sad truth is that just about anyone can call themselves a “Certified” Hypnotist if they want to. This is true whether the hypnotist has received the best training available and has years of experience or if they have taken a one weekend course to learn how to hypnotize someone and just opened their office the next week.

Choosing a hypnotist guide for Philadelphia

That is what prompted me write the Consumer Guide to Choosing a Hypnotist. Drawing on my years of experience as a successful Consulting Hypnotist I put together a list of over 12 key questions that anyone thinking of working with a hypnotist in Philadelphia must have answers to before they decide to go ahead or not.

Getting the answer to these questions before committing to a particular hypnotist will help you save your time and money and avoid disappointment.

The guide is available for free here at www.ask-the-hypntist.com. You do not even have to give your email to read it. The goal is to have as many people as possible be able to make informed choices when using a hypnotist's services in Philadelphia or elsewhere.

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