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Ruth Hart
Eating Issues, Stop Smoking, Anxiety......

Hypnosis Kelowna Ruth Hart

Here we have the pleasure of introducing you to Kelowna BC Hypnotist, Ruth Hart.  We will let Ruth tell you more about herself in her own words below.

Ruth, would you briefly tell us a little about yourself.

I graduated from the Coastal Academy , Surrey B.C. and am a member in good standing with Intl Assoc of Counsellor and Therapist and also Intl Medical, Dental and Hypnosis Assoc.

And how long have you been involved with helping people?

I have been in the healing field for forty years and love to help all live a happy ,healthy life.  I have been a hypnotist for 2 years.

What attracted you to a career in Hypnosis?

As a healer, I had a client that needed help to live a better life and felt learning this tool, I could help many people with many issues that adults face.

Have you experienced any personal benefits from using hypnosis for yourself that you would care to share with our readers?

Learning hypnosis has many personal benefits because in order to help others, you need to deal with your own issues, even when you think that you have none. We all have something and this is an excellent tool.

From a hypnotist's point of view, can you tell us about some of the teachers who have influenced your approach to hypnosis the most?:

  • Philip  Holser   Power through owning your shortcomings.
  • Mark Babineaux   Head over Heals
  • Erickson

What issues do your clients typically come to you for help with?

Stress, relationships, and issues from childhood which really need to be addressed in order to be whole again. Regain the power we all need in our relationship.

Do you find any particular phase of your hypnosis work to be of special interest to you? 

I like to have a client to work with the best. Sessions that
help the client get their life in order, whether it is stress ,
or family issues, or addition . There is so much to deal with in this stressful world, never at a loss for issues.

What are the three most important bits of advice would you give a client before their first session of hypnosis?

  1. Be honest with yourself and tell the hypnotherapist what you really want to deal with.
  2. Write out what you need to talk about so that it is clear what some of the issue is.
  3. Remember that this is learning to relax so that you can really see a difference in your future.

What is the most frequent misunderstanding about hypnosis that you encounter with clients or the public? 

Some people actually think this is hoky pokie.They also
think that they loose control. They don't know this is
helpful in the medical and dental realm.

If you could give potential and beginning hypnotists at least one piece of advice, what would it be?

Don't panic, you will get through it.

Is there anything else that you would like to add that we have not covered?

I think you need to belong to a great organization in this field for ongoing education, such as IACT and IMDHA .This way you must keep up in order to renew each year.

Thank you Ruth for sharing your time with us.

Ask Ruth about sessions with her here or for her to give you a call.

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