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Do You Know These Risks?
Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, Stress and More

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Using hypnosis in Kingston Ontario can help you make many important changes in your life. These include help to lose weight, stop smoking, sleep easier and manage your anxiety. However there are some real risks you need to be aware of when selecting the professional hypnotist you work with.

One of the first things you should be aware of is that there are no standards in Kingston or across N. America as to how a hypnotist qualifies as a “Certified Hypnotist.”

Any individual or organization that provides hypnosis training is legally free to present them with a certificate. This is as true for someone who takes a weekend introductory hypnosis workshop as it is for someone who has undergone hundreds of hours of expert training.


hypnosis kingston helps with sleep, weight loss, stop smoking, stress

So, be aware that the title “Certified” itself does not really tell you much about the educational background of the hypnotist you are thinking of working with.

For it to be helpful you need to know such things as the credibility of the organization that issued the certification and whether or not the hypnotist even had to pass an exam to earn the certification. Some trainers just give a certificate to someone who attends the training event.

More Issues for Hypnosis in Kingston

Consumer vigilance should not end just end with questions over training as there are other important issues to consider. For example, what if one of the hypnotists in your area is advertising a “99% success rate” ? At first glance this may sound very persuasive. However, the claim needs to be looked at much more closely.

For example, how exactly did the hypnotist measure this success rate. Were clients contacted sometime after the hypnosis sessions to verify success? If clients were contacted at a later date, how much time had elapsed since the hypnosis sessions? How were the clients who did not respond or could not be reached factored into the advertised success rate?

If these issues were not considered then the publicized success rate will certainly be skewed and be giving the consumer a false impression.

Another issue can revolve around a hypnotist who advertises a “guarantee of success” for people who take sessions with them. Again, vigilance is called for.

What exactly does this guarantee give you? Will you actually get your money back if things don't work out the way you want or does it mean you will be offered more sessions etc.? When you look at it more closely it is unlikely that you are being offered your money back.

A useful exercise here is for the person seeking a hypnotist's help to reflect on the fact that no other helping professionals, such as doctors, psychologists or counselors, would dream of offering such a guarantee. This goes as much for well trained and experienced professionals just as much as for new entrants to the profession.

There are several good reasons as to why no guarantees are offered. An important one is that nobody, however good they are at their work, can control someone else's behaviour. This includes whether or not they will actually follow the instructions of the professional or not.

If someone chooses not follow the instructions for whatever reason, success can not be guaranteed. This goes for hypnotists as much as any other professional. So, if you see the guarantee claim, make sure you learn how to read the small print carefully to see what really is being guaranteed.

Selecting a Hypnotist in Kingston

Fortunately there is now some very practical help for anyone choosing a hypnotist in Kingston or elsewhere. To smooth out the risks involved in selecting a competent hypnotist I have written the Consumer Guide to Choosing a Hypnotist.

choose kingston hypontist guide

This Guide is based on my experience as the Consulting Hypnotist at the well known Queen Elizabeth Health Complex in Montreal. The guide contains over 12 important questions that anyone choosing a hypnotist will want to ask before they commit their time and money to that professional. Those questions include a more in-depth consideration of the ones raised above.

The guide is available for free here for everyone. Go look at it now because with it you can learn how to avoid the risks when choosing a hypnotist in Kingston.

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