Hypnosis Vancouver BC:
Weight Loss, Smoking, Sleep, Stress and More
What You Need to Know

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People are benefiting from hypnosis in Vancouver BC by losing weight, stopping smoking, improving their sleep and relieving stress and anxiety. 

However, when looking for a hypnotist or hypnotherapy in Vancouver British Columbia you need to know that all may not be what it seems.

It is true that hypnosis itself has been proven in over 6,000 clinical studies to be effective in helping people change and improve their lives and health in many ways. These include losing weight, stopping smoking and managing stress.

However, hypnosis can only work for you if you find a skilled hypnotist to work with. Choose the wrong one and you can be wasting a lot of your time and money.


hypnosis Vancourer BC weight loss, stop smoking, sleep, anxiety and more.

Finding the right hypnotist in Vancouver or any where else is not as straight forward as it may seem at first glance. 

For example, many hypnotists may call themselves “Certified.. ” The reality is that there are no formal standards to define what is meant by certified. A hypnotist calling themselves certified may have taken hundreds of hours of training and have years of experience. However it could also mean, in the worst case, that they have taken one weekend hypnosis course.

As the Consulting Hypnotist at the well known Queen Elizabeth Health Complex in Montreal I can assure you that you are unlikely to achieve the success you deserve when working with someone who has had only limited hypnosis training and little experience.

Further confusion is possible when you speak to local hypnotists and find that there is a big range in the fee that they want to charge you for their services. How are you to know what fee amount represents a fair payment to the hypnotist and good value for you?

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Guide for Hypnosis in Vancouver

In response to just these types of questions that I am often asked, I wrote the Consumer Guide to Choosing a Hypnotist. In order that everyone interested in working with a hypnotist in Vancouver can have a real understanding of what they are getting into they need to know the right questions to ask. In the hypnosis consumer guide you will find over a dozen key questions that you need answers to before you commit to working with a professional hypnotist.

To ensure everyone can have this important information the hypnosis consumer guide can be downloaded for free here on this site. You do not even have to give an email address to read it. This is important information that I believe should be freely and readily available to everyone who is prepared to inform themselves before making an investment in hypnosis.

Click here or on the picture below to read the guide.

Download the guide now because the information in it will save your time and hard earned money.

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