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Do you find it hard to imagine being a non-smoker forever?

If you are like most of the many smokers who I have worked with you really would like to become a non-smoker but can not imagine how you are really going to make that happen right now.

It is true I have met some smokers who have told me that they "love" smoking and do not really want to let it go.  However, whenever I ask one of these people If I could give them a magic pill and they would wake up the next morning never craving another cigarette, would they take it? I have not found anyone who said they would not take the pill!

The fact is that hypnosis, if not a magic pill, has been shown in many research trials as well as in my experience to be a powerful tool to help people free themselves of this destroyer of health, personal finances and social success. This applies equally to "social" smokers as it does to 2 pack a day or more smokers.

Role of Mind

How can training the mind in hypnosis have such a powerful effect over something that is surely chemical in its addictive nature?  Well that is the first thing to consider, what is addiction? 

The media have painted a very strong picture in most smokers' minds that addictions are primarily driven by chemicals in our body, genetics, and lack of willpower and motivation.

This is not true.  How can we know this?  Take the example of US Veterans returning from Vietnam.  Fifteen percent were found to have been "addicted" to the hard drug heroin in Vietnam.  Heroin, not nicotine note.  However, in a study one year after their return to the US it was established that only 5% of these Veterans remained addicted.

If chemicals or lack of will power are the main agents of addiction how was it so few remained addicted once back in the US? 

In short, the key issue for apparently addictive behaviors such as smoking is the series of triggers (people, places, events) that we encounter.

More specifically it is learning how to retrain our mind's reaction to the triggers that make you light up.  Discover this and you can become a non-smoker as easily as most of the Veterans let go of heroin.


Combine this with increasing your motivation to return to your natural state of being a non-smoker and you will find the path to success even smoother. 

I am sure you have already experienced how effective motivation in relation to smoking is.

Take for example going to a movie.  You want to see a movie.  You make a deal with the cinema.  They will show you the movie for the price of a ticket and your decision not to smoke for two hours.  You are motivated to see the movie so you simply decide not to smoke for a couple of hours.

Often it is even longer.  Say you are flying across the country or between N. America and Europe.  Same thing.  You are motivated to reach your destination. For the price of the airline ticket and your decision not smoke for say 6 hours or longer you can go!  You are motivated to reach your destination, you simply decide not to smoke for 6 or more hours.

For most of us the non-chemical nature of this addiction is evident every day.  You go to sleep at night, sleep 5, 7, 8 hours or more.  Your body functions quite well without nicotine for those hours unless you suffer from insomnia and wake up for other reasons and fill the time awake with a smoke.


Another important aspect influencing your perception of the difficulty of becoming a smoker is imagining all day struggling with going without a smoke.  But is this a correct perception?

Not really when you think about it.  Supposing you smoke 20 cigarettes a day.  How long do you actually focus on smoking a cigarette once it is lit up?  Most smokers tell me not more than a couple of minutes most times.  So you are "enjoying" a smoke for not more than 40 minutes a day. 

Well, in that case you are already a non-smoker for more than 23 hours of each day!  The challenge you accept is to find something else to do other than smoke for 40 minutes a day.  Even that is not for a 40 minute block of time but in blocks of 2 minutes at a time. It becomes even easier when you break the challenge down to mentally manageable steps like this.

And finally the overall attitude you bring to this project of returning to the natural state of being a non-smoker will be critical to your success.

Think, for example, of two people who set off to climb a tall mountain, each with equal weighing backpacks. The first one looks up and exclaims "Oh no, what a HUGE mountain! How am I ever going to succeed in climbing THAT? This pack is already so heavy! I am never going to be able to do this. What could I have been thinking of? How did I get talked into trying this?"

The second climber also looks up. "Oh boy! what a beautiful mountain! I can't wait to get up to the top and tell everyone what I saw and that I actually did it. I am sure you can see for miles from up there!".

Same mountain, same backpacks, same gear. One climber makes it and the other does not.

How are you thinking about your smoking challenge?

When you are ready to let go of the smoking monkey on your back you can make this happen a lot faster and easier using proven hypnosis resources.  Resources  that can reframe your reactions to smoking triggers and strengthen your motivation.  If that time is now then find the resources you need here.

With you on the path to success,

Stephen Gruber MA
Consulting Hypnotist, Montreal

If not now -when?

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If not now -when?

If not here - where?

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