3 "Non Diet" Powerful Weight Loss Tips

You know diets don't work for permanent weight loss. Here are 3 no diet tips to use with your self-hypnosis suggestions or professionally recorded Mp3. Use them. They work!

1. Select one, and only one, place in your house or apartment where you will eat.
If you are using my Hypnosis To Let Go Of Unwanted Fat Mp3 you know you can eat whenever you are fairly physically hungry. Committing to eating in only one place helps reinforce the habit of becoming aware of when you are really hungry.

2. Do not drink with a meal.
Again, if you are following my Weight Loss Mp3 you know now how important it is to eat your meal s..l...o...w...l...y, focusing on and enjoying every mouthful. One reason that people eat so quickly is that they literally wash their meal down by drinking at their meal time.

A small change in habits here can have a big pay off weight wise for many people. Cutting out the drink during a meal automatically slows your eating down as the lubrication for swallowing will have to be supplied naturally by the digestive juices in your mouth. This will naturally keep you chewing a little longer. This gives more time for you to become aware of that "pleasantly satisfied" signal to stop eating.

3. Have a drink of water when you first feel hungry.
First, when you ask yourself are you truly fairly physically hungry and the honest answer is "yes," then do have a drink of water.

Then wait just 5 minutes and ask yourself the same question again.


Because often people mistake the feeling of dehydration for that of being hungry.

If you are dehydrated then having the drink of water will reveal that you are not truly fairly physically hungry. This will allow you to wait a little longer until you are ready to enjoy something to eat.

Here's to your success,

Stephen Gruber,
Consulting Hypnotist, Montreal