Attitude is Everything when Quitting

There are two steps to Iron Cladding Your Decision to become a non-smoker. And the first is to check out your attitude! Attitude is everything when quitting if you are to develop an iron clad decision to become a non-smoker.

So what kind of attitude do you need to have?

Well, think of two people who set off to climb a tall mountain, each with equal weighing backpacks. The first one looks up and exclaims "Oh no, what a HUGE mountain! How am I ever going to succeed in climbing THAT? This pack is already so heavy! I am never going to be able to do this. What could I have been thinking of? How did I get talked into trying this?"

The second climber also looks up. "Oh boy! what a beautiful mountain! I can't wait to get up to the top and tell everyone what I saw and that I actually did it. I am sure you can see for miles from up there!".

Same mountain, same backpacks, same gear. One climber makes it and the other does not.

How are you thinking about your smoking challenge?

Just becoming aware of your attitude can help you to reframe it if need be into the kind that you will need to succeed. Working with hypnosis also gives you an ideal tool to help you develop and maintain the "success" attitude that you will need to achieve your no smoking goal.

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