Fear or Phobia of Dentist Visits

If you have a fear of visiting the dentist, you are not alone and help to dissolve your fear is readily available.

Fear of visiting the dentist and/or of undertaking dental treatment is widespread among the population. While few would ever consider a trip to the dentist as enjoyable, it is estimated that 50% of the population in N. America actually fear the idea. What is worse, 10-15% of the population actually never the visit the dentist due to the strength of their very real but irrational fear.

The good news is that Hypnotherapy is an effective and fast way to relieve that fear.

What are you afraid of?

Of course what makes one person irrationally afraid of visiting the dentist is not necessarily the same for another. I am aware of over 50 different aspects of fear of dentistry and I am sure that I yet have others to learn of.

For example someone may have a fear of one or any of the following:

I fear:

  • Choking/Gagging/throwing up
  • Embarrassing myself
  • That the treatment will be painful
  • The smell
  • Not being told what is going on
  • That I will not go numb
  • That I will panic so much that I will have a heart attack
  • The sight of the instruments
  • That I will be unable to breath
  • The dental assistant thinking I am disgusting for having let my teeth get into such a state
  • Being told I have left it too late.
  • The sight of the drill
  • The sound of the drill
  • That the dentist will not be gentle with me.

What aspect of dentistry are you afraid of? Using a professional Hypnotherapeutic approach will help you to quickly and effectively dissolve your fear. This goes for whatever your fear is, however strong it is, however long you have had it or came by it.

Remember, you where not born with the fear or fears and what the mind has created the mind can change.

How to use Hypnosis

I do recommend that when wanting to dissolve a fear associated with Dentistry with Hypnosis that you only invest in one on one visits with a professional Hypnotherapist. The program to dissolve your fear(s) needs to be personalized to your particular situation. You may learn more here about making an appointment with me at my Montreal office. to dissolve your fear of dentistry.

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